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Who We Are

Calvary Bible Church has been formed as an independent body of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

At Calvary Bible, our supreme desire is to know and love Christ, be conformed to His image, and love and serve one another as a manifestation of His love in our lives. We aim to build a community of believers who are rooted and grounded in God’s Word, doctrinally sound, and genuinely loving, so we might live biblically authentic lives in our homes, church, and community, impacting our culture for Jesus Christ.

By the Grace and Mercy of God, we seek to do this through an unwavering commitment to the gospel, expositional teaching, genuine love and compassion, and biblical discipleship. We believe this to be our highest privilege and most important priority in every area of ministry.

We hold the following four convictions:

1. The Bible is our infallible standard for faith, doctrine, and practice. Those who resist its authority will be blown off course by their feelings and cultural trends.

2. Knowledge without application is lifeless. To be transformed, we must apply and practice the truth of God’s Word in daily life.

3. The application of these principles is impossible apart from the Holy Spirit. While we must participate in change, he is the source of power.

4. The church is God’s intended context for change. God never intended for us to live isolated from or independent of other Christians. Through committed participation in the local church, we find instruction, encouragement, correction, and opportunities to press on toward maturity in Christ.

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