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Calvary Bible Nursery Ministry


Our desire here at Calvary Bible Church is to provide the most comfortable, inviting, and helpful atmosphere for you and your infant. Our goal is to provide the service and ,teams necessary for your infant to be comfortable during their stay in our nursery so that you can be fed and participate in our worship service. If you have any questions regarding this ministry please feel free to contact the church office. 

Nursery Director's

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Sunday Morning Children's Ministry


"Whether we teach young Christians truth or not, the devil will be sure to teach them error. They will hear of it somehow, even if they are watched the most careful guardians. Th only way to keep chaff out of the child's little measure - is to full it brimfulwith good wheat. Oh, that the Spirit of God may help us to do this! The more the young are taught the better; it will keep them from being misled." -C. H. Spurgeon. 

In as much as we promote love for Christ through the preaching of God's words in our adult services, here at Calvary Bible, we also strive to lead our younger believers of the local church body to see the excellencies of Christ through the teaching of His Word so that they know what it looks like to honor Christ in their homes with their parents, at their school with their teachers, and in the neighborhood with their friends. We desire that they grow to have a ferocious love for the Sailor. in a way that would have lasting fruit of obedience for the glory of Christ. We see this great privilege as an investment into the local expression of Christ's church, and one with which we want to strive to do our very best in. 

Children's Directors

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Bruce Andrew
Kelly Agner
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